• Alison Waldon

When in Rome… Again!

On my third day in Italy I threw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to be sure I was guaranteed a return to Rome. On my last day in Italy I regretted this earlier action when I found myself traveling to a hotel in the heart of Rome to stay for one extra day.

The morning we were supposed to leave was hectic, but our large student group had actually made it to Terminal 5 right before it was to open. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until we learned we had been told to go to the wrong terminal. When we reached the right terminal we were too late to make our flight. However, we still ran through the airport and tried to get someone to help us possibly hold the flight. The problem was that in Italy no one really wants to do her job. The woman at the help desk sent us to another group of employees. The other employees sent us back to the woman at the help desk. We were finally informed by the lady at the “help” desk that there was nothing she could do to help us. As she got up to get her morning cup of coffee, she erased all of our hopes of getting back to Texas. So we missed our flight. We re-booked our tickets. And we got a bonus day in Rome. A lot of us were tired because we had stayed up all night long traveling to the airport, but we made the most of it.

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